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저혈당증과 중추계의 cognition 상관관계
 글쓴이 : 윤승일
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Acute hypoglycemia impairs the functioning of the central but not peripheral nervous •system.Physiol Behav 2001 Jan;72(1-2):83-92 (ISSN: 0031-9384)Strachan MW; Deary IJ; Ewing FM; Ferguson SS; Young MJ; Frier BM Department of Diabetes Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Scotland Edinburgh UK.Acute hypoglycemia impairs functions of the central nervous system but few controlled studies have assessed the impact of hypoglycemia on the function of the peripheral nervous system. Sixteen non-diabetic humans underwent two separate hyperinsulinemic glucose clamp procedures on different study days in a counter-balanced fashion. On one occasion euglycemia was maintained (blood glucose 5.0 mmol l(-1)) and on the other occasion hypoglycemia (blood glucose 2.6 mmol l(-1)) was induced. During each condition subjects performed a combined psychometric cognitive-experimental and psychophysical test battery and measures were made (in the dominant median and common peroneal nerves) of the motor nerve conduction velocities and the amplitudes of the motor action potentials. Hypoglycemia caused impaired performance of general cognitive and information processing tasks (P<.05) but nerve conduction velocities and the amplitudes of motor action potentials were unaffected. Conduction velocities of the common peroneal nerve decreased from baseline within each experimental condition perhaps due to hyperinsulinemia. Overall these results demonstrate that multiple levels of information processing in the brain may alter while peripheral nerve function remains intact and imply that peripheral neurons do not have the same obligate requirement for glucose as a metabolic fuel as neurons of the central nervous system.

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